Adolfs Event Center & Tavern

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winter-park-patio-13Adolfs Event Center & Tavern has a very rich history. Adolfs is the oldest continually operating Après Ski Tavern in Colorado. Established in 1943 by a Swiss immigrant Adolf Luthy, Adolfs has been home to many happenings over the years. Customers love to come back and visit and talk about old times. People in their 70’s and 80’s remember meeting Adolf and tell us that he was famous for his chili and would walk around the tavern with a club and bonk people on the head if they were getting out of line. There was also an old fire place at Adolfs that was suspended by long chains. On a regular basis customers would swing from the chains after a few beers. There were many wild times at Adolfs after a great day of skiing at Winter Park. The tradition is being carried on today with Après Ski daily at Adolfs from 3pm-6pm. Stop by and enjoy old photos of Adolf and his cronies and see the beautiful original bar.